Welcome to Big Data Systems and Applications Lab

In Big Data Systems & Applications Lab at UNIST, we investigate programmability, scalability, fault tolerance, manageability, and performance of big data systems (distributed/parallel systems). Also we are interested in applications of big data systems, and study big data mining and analytics in areas ranging from bioinformatics, medical informatics, to social science and economics. Besides these areas, we collaborate with Stanford MobiSocial Group to study innovative platform for Internet of Things. See the Research Page for the (partial) list of research projects. Contact Prof Seo for the full list of research projects.

Research Topics include:
  • Large-scale data processing systems -- novel systems as well as improve and extend existing systems such as Hadoop, Spark, Presto, etc.
  • Graph analytic systems and algorithms
  • Large-scale data mining and analysis with Machine Learning
  • Big data visualization

  • Prof. Seo serves as a Program Committee member in CIKM 2017. CIKM is a premier conference for the discussion of research on the management of knowledge, information, and data.
  • Prof. Seo serves as a Program Committee member in PAKDD 2017. PAKDD is an international conference in the areas of knowledge discovery and data mining.
  •  We have openings for Undergrad(intern)/Master/PhD students and postdocs. If you have strong background in systems and/or big data mining, please contact Professor Seo (jseo at unist.ac.kr). 

The word cloud of the group's research summary

My talk at Hadoop Summit -- Using SociaLite to identify fraud in healthcare data ‎‎‎‎‎‎(in collaboration with Hortonworks)‎‎‎‎‎‎