Species Description


Here, you need to show how your species is classified.  Refer to the top of page 1 of your Research Guide.  Show Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

Next, explain how did your species get its name?  In other words, what does its common name and scientific name mean?  How is your species closely related to other species?


Species Description:

Provide a detailed description your species.  Include the type of animal, color, size, shape, and any other physical characteristics such as 1. Are the males different than females?  2. Are juveniles different than adults?  3. Does their appearance change over time or during different seasons?

Provide several images that show your species.  Include captions and list the source of images used. 

Include  a caption for every image that you use. Put your caption in italics!

Information and Media Sources:

List the titles of websites where you found information AND where any media is linked from.  This goes at the bottom of every page.